My Top 3 Learnings

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My ICAN Journey started with a “Hi and How are you?”. The universe is just so amazing to bring me here and be able to collaborate with all of my fellow ICANeers. Before I traveled to the ICAN path of unending wisdom and learnings, I was living an office-home-baking cycle every day and thought that it was already the life for me, for which I was grateful. When I became an ICANeer, I discovered that I can do more than I thought.  I can think more, I can feel more, and I can be more of who I was 7 months ago. I realized that yes, you will never know where your faith will bring you. You just have to trust and believe in the universe’s plan for you, and that is the first thing I learned. It taught me that when an opportunity comes to you, set aside your hesitations and fearslike how I felt when I joined. I feared not being able to relate to other people. I feared not being able to contribute or collaborate. I was hesitant to share what my thoughts are. I feared that maybe my ideas would not be welcomed or might not be useful. But all these fears and hesitations never really occurred to me as I joined. I was warmly welcomed and so were my thoughts and ideas. I felt how other people listened and understood each other.


The time ICAN started, in the first week of March 2020, was also almost the time when pandemic went global. With all the uncertainties around us, the second important lesson I learned as well from ICAN is to appreciate and be grateful to the simple things that we have. Joining the weekly collaboration call and listening to each and everyone’s life lessons and experiences contributed towards a valuable realization: to analyse what is enough and our needs versus wants. Celebrate the small wins and big wins. This community helped me to be grounded and calm if there is a storm. 

It may sound cliché, but it was life-changing to join this community. ICAN made me realize I need to give a deeper value to myself, my family and friends and to the world. I saw it for myself that I can do new amazing things and create more value for myself and for others at no financial cost. 

My shoutout to 3 fellow ICANeers

Shoutout to Jax for opening the door, the window and the roof of opportunities for all ICANeers. For guiding me during my baby steps until now. For always seeing the positive in everything and for encouraging me to learn new things that will be beneficial in many ways. 

Shoutout to Phil for always taking care of what we need especially when we are all starting. Your expertise led us to operate smoothly. He always makes sure to support us in every step of the way in all his co-learning and up-skilling sessions, even with his tight schedule. 

Shoutout to Sam for showing a brother’s love. It feels like he will always back you up anytime and will always offer a helping hand, acknowledge you and encourage you to do greater things just like a big brother will do. 

Shoutout to all my fellow ICANeers for your acknowledgements, words of wisdom, our co-learning sessions, and heartfelt collaboration calls. I believe that this is just the start for all of us and there are more awesome things that we can do together as we collaborate and help each other.

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